Healing Hands K9 and Equine Mobile Massage



"When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk; he trots the air.  The earth sings when he touches it." 

                                                                                                                       William Shakespeare

My first testimonial must start with my own horse Jack:  

Jack is a 16 year old, retired Standardbred racehorse.  We adopted him from an animal rescue organization in Ontario in 2012.  He was extremely depressed, had a bowed tendon, and a fused fetlock joint.  After a month of massage, good nutrition, and supplements he was a completely different horse!  He has fully recovered from his bowed tendon, has some movement in his fetlock joint, and is extremely flexible all over.  Not to mention he is a much happier horse now that he is loved and no longer in constant pain.  He receives regular massage along with our other 3 rescue horses.

Julia and Muzette:

I have received wonderful feedback from my coach on your work with Muzette; I am super pleased with her already and am so grateful with how thorough you were with me and her.  Thanks a million!

Jessica and Raffie:

Raffie responded really well to the massage, my coach was commenting on how she was a lot less inclined to let her hind quarters wander to the outside on a bend.  Thanks for the help!

Karen and Vegas:

Vegas was phenomenal Monday night after his massage.  Thank you, Thank you!

Andy and Barnie:

Barnie is a 23 year old rescue pony who had been kicked in the shoulder repeatedly by another horse.  He could barely walk and had no control of his leg.   My vet told me he had nerve damage to that area and it would take at least 2 years to heal.  Kirsten massaged Barnie twice a week for two months.  We started to notice a difference in him just after a couple of weeks.  He was able to use his leg more, and in two months he was galloping around the field!  The next time the vet was out he had a look at Barnie and was shocked that he had improved so quickly.