Healing Hands K9 and Equine Mobile Massage



The act of massage is performed by applying pressure to your horses muscles and selective pressure points.  I do this by using my hands, knuckles, and occasionally elbows, along with special techniques.  Accupressure is also a big part of my routine using applied pressure on various key points of the horse's body will relax and release pain as well as provide various health benefits.  Accupressure can also be used as an indication of certain health issues such as ulcers etc.

The difference between Sports Massage and other forms of massage is the focus on injury PREVENTION.  My interest and training are not only in the release of tension and pain, but in assisting in the prevention of future injury 

Stretching will also be performed at the end of each massage. 

Combining stretching and massage will boost circulation, decrease constrictions and aid in increasing range of motion.

Why shouldn't your horse benefit from massage?  People do!

There are many benefits of equine massage:

Reduction of inflammation and swelling in the muscles and joints. 

Relaxation and release of endorphins (natural pain killers).                                                                            
Promotes healing by the release of toxins and excessive fluids. 

Balances the entire body for increased performance and range of motion.

Maintains muscle mass without the loss of calories for older horses or "hard keepers".

Healing Hands will help maintain the entire body in excellent physical condition.

Healing Hands can also help your horse before and after an event.

Before: Massage loosens and warms the muscles preparing them for strenuous activity.

After:  With loss of fluids after an event it is harder for the horse to cool down.  By relieving post activity muscle pain and stiffness, it is much quicker for the muscles to return to normal, as opposed to cooling down without massage.

Using a consistent massage therapy regime can improve your horse's performance, confidence and quality of life. 

I will also provide you with "homework", you will be amazed at the good you can do for your horse by spending a few extra minutes a day performing the necessary stretches and exercises.

Please contact Healing Hands K9 and Equine Mobile Massage to discuss how I can be of help.