About Me

Kirsten Thomson: Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (CESMT).  Trained and certified by Equissage. Graduating May 2011.  I have been servicing the Newfoundland equine community since 2013.

" With over 25 years of experience with horses, I can't imagine my life without them.  My vision is to give back to horses after they've given so much to us over centuries of service.  My greatest joy is to see the noticeable, immediate and lasting effect equine massage has on the equine athlete."

Originally from Ontario, I now live on a beautiful century farm with my four horses Billy, Jack, Liberty, Hurricane and three Border Collies Skye, Tess and Alfie.

My husband and I also rescue and rehabilitate horses bringing them back to their former glory.  All of our own horses are rescues.  Our philosophy is to provide as natural an environment as possible which in turn promotes healthy horses.  This includes providing mixed forage 24/7 as well as 24/7 turnout.  We also provide organic supplements, if needed, and do not shoe our horses.

I have also worked for over 15 years in animal sciences as a Veterinary Assistant.  I have experience with all types of animals ranging from wild birds and reptiles to many different types of mammals.

"I have had the honour and privilege of knowing Kirsten for the past 9 years.

We first met when Kirsten started work as a Veterinary Assistant at an animal hospital I was employed with.

I have never met a person so compassionate and dedicated to her work. Kirsten would constantly be thinking of ways to reduce stress and increase comfort of her patients. She is always researching her craft to improve the lives of her patients. During stressful times with my own pets, it always made me feel better to know Kirsten was there taking care of them.

She is dependable, reliable, passionate, hard-working, conscientious and honest."

Danielle Young RVT

One of the ways Equus Massage keeps abreast of equine health and wellness other than reading books and articles is through continuing education; attending the  Ontario Veterinary Medical Association conference in January 2012.  Nov. 21 2013, Webinar- "Current and Emerging Musculoskeletal Therapies" with David Frisbie DVM, PhD.  Webinar-"Massage for the equine athlete." Jan. 2016.