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"It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover."

Henri Poincare


Don't let muscle pain and stiffness jeopardize your horse's health.  Equus Massage provides your horse with relief from tension and muscle pain, which can result from a variety of issues. 

Equine massage has been used for thousands of years and with the current popularity of  'alternative therapies' it has become a more widely accepted modality.  Since this is a field with specialized techniques in which most veterinarians are not currently trained, veterinarians and equine health care professionals are becoming more comfortable recommending when your horse should need massage. 

This adjunctive treatment will greatly benefit the equine community here in Newfoundland.  Massage is not just for the equine athlete but for all horses regardless of their age, level of training or activity level.  All horses are deserving of relief from muscle pain and tension.

Contact me to find out how your horse can benefit from massage.